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What Should You Pay Attention To In Men's Display Cases?
- Sep 21, 2018 -

What should you pay attention to in men's display cases?


Commercial Clothes Hangers Store Display Hooks Units.jpgBrand men's storefront decoration design should be mainly based on rough lines and deep colors. It is only necessary to create a neat and bright display environment in the decoration, without having to make too many decorations to distract the customers. In the decoration and the choice of clothing display cabinets to reflect the highlights and features, not only must have a good visual effect, but also to create a grade.

The color of the spotlights used by brand men's wear should be mainly white and cool, so that high-end quality can be obtained. In the specific operation, the white light should be placed on the top layer of the top layer, and other decoration colors, it is best to put it under the effect of the bottom or the corner of the wall.

Color should be well-matched with the style of the clothes, and it must be attractive to potential people. The best color of the main body should not exceed three, otherwise the effect will not be too beautiful. The most important thing is that you must be sure to communicate with your type of personality. Brand men's clothing needs to use cool colors, such as black, purple, dark blue, etc., should not use some warm red color such as red and rhubarb. Of course, it is also necessary to cooperate with the corresponding lighting, in order to show the taste and charm of the brand men's clothing. At the same time, the color of the men's display cabinet must be able to set off the effect of the clothing. If it is matched with the brand image, it is a failure.