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What Are The Design Principles Of Commercial Showcases?
- Sep 29, 2018 -

What are the design principles of commercial showcases?


Wooden Shoe Display Furniture For Store.jpgThe showcase is like furniture, not only beautiful but also practical. Commercial showcases are the embodiment of commercial competition. Whether it is department stores, shopping malls or specialty stores, their future competitive development trends are oriented towards their respective target markets, creating a warm and infectious shopping and entertainment for their customers. Leisure space environment.

The design of the commercial showcase should be as elaborate as the design furniture, grasp the design function of the showcase, integrate the design elements and design ideas, ideas and ideas, relying on the expression of visual, linguistic, visual and other language, and the purpose of merchandising significance.

Designers should stand in the same direction as the operators and establish a customer-centered design awareness and philosophy. Although the customer is the main body, the showcase and the goods are the objects, but the master and the object are merged through design. It is necessary to clearly design the carrier of the showcase, that is, the nature of the goods, to be a soft commodity or a hard commodity; to understand the shopping mall as a tourist attraction, and to let the customer stop to watch, the designer must design a step by step idea. The design of the showcase and the production of the showcase must ensure a reasonable price/performance ratio, that is, economy, on the premise of ensuring quality.