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Precision Sheet Wood Store Exhibition Display Stand

1、Color and texture: any color and texture as your need.
2、Specification:made by steel,stainless steel,wood,acrylic and etc.
3、Use in retail stores,shopping centers.
4、Professional manufacturer in China.

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Product Details

Precision Sheet Wood Store Exhibition Display Stand

1.This product is made of hardware accessories and medium-fiber high-density board. The surface of the board can be painted, and the fire board can be attached.

2.The painted surface is smooth and flat, without burrs, and has good brightness.

3.Good quality, firm structure, diverse colors and wide range of uses

4.Good display effect is good, strong bearing capacity, nice appearance

5.The size can be made according to the customer's requirements.

6. It can directly paste advertise adhesive in the advertising space, or can have the LED light to make the light box effect, and can make different effects according to different requirements.

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The Product Description

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Product application

Precision Sheet Wood Store Exhibition Display Stand is suitable for crafts, gifts, glass ceramics, gold jewelry, watches and clocks, medical stores, medical equipment, communication equipment, electronics industry, famous smoke hotels, department stores, advertising exhibitions, hotel shopping centers, exhibitions, and specialty stores, home expensive Product placement, and other commercial displays.