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Wooden Display Advantages
- Dec 03, 2016 -

1. wooden display rack produced is elegant
Wood business show frame structure is firm, flexibility Shang wood business show frame can design specifications diverse, design styling also quite times breath, wood business show frame can made single double on both sides, show frame Zhijian can mutual combined, single wood business show frame can and corner supporting combined, double wood business show frame can and semicircular supporting combined, show frame layer spacing can is convenient of regulation, these features makes wood business show frame is noble generous;
2.wooden display rack business a wide range of uses
Wooden display rack selection is very important, good wood to make the display look upscale and color match to display the overall tone and elegant, and modern integrated store environment, created a new concept of business.
3. wooden display stand safety and reliable
Wooden display rack epoxy electrostatic spray surface treatment, in a variety of colors, and has a strong antiseptic effect, wooden display racks, of course there is no corrosion problems;
Wooden display rack load than the metal display stand, but smooth lines, striking colors, it is solid wood material with inherent advantages. In addition, wooden display rack for rich carvings and pattern effects.