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What’s The Function Of The Store Display?
- May 15, 2018 -

What’s The function of the Store Display?


Store furniture are the main carriers of commercial performance, and also constitute the main frame of commercial space vision. Different products have different display cabinets form and function. The advantages and disadvantages of the design and production of store display will directly affect the sales of goods and the brand image of enterprises. In recent years, the display cabinet has developed and progresses in the design and production. This is mainly the market competition is becoming more mature, and the enterprise pays more attention to the result of the brand image. 

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If the store display is going to attract customers to the maximum extent, it is necessary to make full use of the designer's creative ability and rich imagination to create a new and different aesthetic image. At the same time, the production must pay attention to the authenticity of the aesthetic creation, that is, the information conveyed must be accurate, not exaggerated and bluff, which is also a key issue in the production of modern commercial display cabinet. Classification of the key products and the key recommended goods, classification of high-grade, middle grade, resist products, in the furnishings with the primary and secondary layout principles, for key commodities to give a prominent position, give a strong visual sense.

Wooden Shop Glass Display Cabinet Retail Display Store Showcases Fixtures Units Shop Display Systems.jpgBecause the display cabinet is the main carrier of the display of goods, as like furniture in the family, it is not only to use as many clothes as possible, to furnish the practicality of objects and works of art, to have affinity and personality, to show the cultural level and style of a family, and also to show the economic strength of a family, and to design a display. The same is true of the cabinet. The future competition and development trend of the department stores, shopping centers and franchised stores are all oriented towards their respective target markets, setting up a warm, entertaining and entertaining space environment for their target customers. Therefore, the design of display cabinet should be refined to the design furniture, grasp the design function of the display cabinet, and integrate the design elements and design ideas, ideas and ideas into the design.