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What Are The Materials Of The Mobile Display Cabinet?
- May 16, 2018 -

What are the materials of the mobile display cabinet?


The mobile display cabinet, as the name , is used to display digital products such as mobile phones and cameras. Mobile phone display cabinet can allow customers to have a clear understanding of the product, so as to highlight the advantages of the product, capture the eyes of consumers, let consumers buy the product desire, and then consumption. 

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There are a lot of materials used in making mobile display cabinets. First, wood is the most commonly used. It has a good adjustment, can make various shapes and effects, the price is also cheaper, and easy to get, but there are also bad places, more heavy, whether it is before the mobile phone cabinet or make a mobile phone cabinet, it is not convenient to move. Second, glass, the use of glass made of mobile phone cabinet effect is better, with a certain penetration effect, can give a feeling of a relatively large space, but the same wood is also heavy, and easy to break, in the production and transportation of the mobile phone cabinet must be careful.

Third, acrylic material, this material may have not heard of many people, this material in the ornaments on the application of a lot of, the market has a lot of acrylic material ornaments, looks crystal clear, looks more upscale, is not good is easier to break, and the price is more expensive. But relative to his effect, the price is acceptable. Fourth, steel, general mobile phone cabinets contain metal structure things, this is essential. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to use some stainless steel to make the effect.