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What Are The Elements Of The Showcase Display Design?
- May 14, 2018 -

What are the elements of the Showcase Display design?


The purpose of showcase display production is to enable viewers to receive information most effectively in limited time and space. Therefore, counter production is centered around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of exhibition activities. In addition to showing the design of the environment, displaying the design of object display forms is also an important part of the display cabinet production. Therefore, in addition to studying the basic principles of general space design, it is the basic premise of the counter production to study the visual physiology and psychological process of the people when they are watching the display objects.


The collection of exhibits will form a variety of visual factors, which affect the vision to varying degrees. The way in which human beings observe things has certain commonalities. Studying the characteristics of these universals is the basic starting point for us to study the laws of vision.

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Showcase display design must be taken into account during the design, It mainly refers to the shape and size of the display cabinet and how to arrange the position between each part. The initial perception of these features is the primary factor that should be considered in the design of the showcase display. Second, we should take into account the aesthetic factors of people. This is mainly reflected in the relative position of the display cabinet and the equilibrium and stability of the relative position of the showcase display and the place of display. Pleasing or elegant, solemn and so on. The design of the showcase display needs to be taken into consideration. Brand is not only the object of furnishings and sales, but these products are also integrated into the atmosphere of the market and serve as an indispensable role in the market. The layout of the goods is not only a kind of static information in the market, but also to a large extent to the visual dynamic information, affecting consumer behavior. Therefore, the design of the exhibition cabinet should be combined with the furnishings of the product, which makes the showcase display and the product furnishings reveal the smell of the product, so the successful product furnishings and the showcase display are also a "static salesman".