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The Design Of The Display Shelf
- May 21, 2018 -

The design of the display shelf

1. In order to respond to age and competitive trend, traditional industry from the past, slowly turned to diversification development.

2. We have professional design team, we believe that a good display, can more fully presents the product characteristics and perceived value.
3. We care about how can according to customer requirements, design a beautiful with treasure with equal emphasis on show.
4. We are more emphasis on innovative design ideas, to provide customers the most unique product design and manufacturing services.
5. I hope no matter on concept design, so that the product production, and can establish good faith mutual cooperation relationship with customers.


1.Due to the market and should set up the development of the design department, provides customized uniqueness all-round product design ability.

2.Design team = enthusiasm confined to + professional + + brainstorming, pay attention to each link.
A person's strength is just right, large group team strength is infinite.
We design, creative, professional function more formal review benefit for the guest.

3.Depending on the quality of customer and consumer demand, which in turn lever made ideal equipment shop environment.

4.Professional design in addition to considerations such as product function, the relationship between the goods and the user, also heavy appearance with a hint of sweetness and material, cooperate with outdoor stores on the whole.
Dobby will consider design more in line with customer demand function.

5.Innovative design ideas, unique product design and manufacturing services provide guests.