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The Classification Of Showcase
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Metal Showcase:

Metal showcase more modern, metal showcase more practical value, metal showcase more durable, so the metal showcase is the leading product of modern showcase. I have repeatedly to a variety of shopping malls to observe the showcase, metal showcase can account for more than 90%. Shopping malls in addition to the formal stainless steel showcase and other unique shape of the metal showcase, I have seen a brand of metal pipe made of display stand to show clothes, giving a different kind of feeling. Since thousands of years ago, metal has been very popular with people, most people use metal ornaments to reflect the noble temperament. Metal display cabinet it is born with the temperament of other showcases can not be compared. So the future of metal showcase must be more brilliant.

Wooden Showcase:

Wooden showcase shelves: mainly by the environment-friendly wood materials, with a special fire board with a variety of decorative materials and glass from the fight made of. For some of the more expensive jewelry, clothing, precision instruments, mobile phones and a variety of computer products used in the shelf. There is no fixed standard, according to the needs of goods and the location of the ground, do standard shape or Shaped showcase.

Glass Showcase:

Light glass display cabinet: light punching glass showcase is a highly versatile structural system, can be widely used in the assembly of light material rack, table, tool cart, suspension system, safety nets and support skeleton. The length of the punching angle can be cut quickly according to the scale, assembled with screws, modified and re-installed, so that it can meet the careful use of the plan, but also to meet the needs of emergency use.

Loft-style glass showcase: all modular structure, can be used wood, pattern plate, steel, and other materials to do the floor, flexible design into two and more layers, for hardware tools. Electronic equipment, mechanical parts and other items of small packaging parts storage, storage of multi-species, low-volume cargo full use of space.

Corridor glass showcase: designed to store a large number of similar pallet goods. Tray one by one in the depth of the direction of storage on the support rail, increasing the storage density, improve space utilization. This shelf is usually used in storage space is expensive occasions, such as frozen warehouses and so on. Corridor glass display cabinet has four basic components: frame, rail support, tray rails and oblique rods and so on. This warehouse utilization is high, can be achieved first-in first-out, or advanced out. Suitable for storage of large quantities, less variety of goods, bulk operations. The maximum amount of space available can be provided. It is suitable for large quantities, less varieties of goods storage operations. Forklift can be directly into the cargo channel to access the goods, the operation is extremely convenient. Mechanical equipment requirements: anti-balanced forklift or stacking machine glass display cabinet features: for low storage of storage; can provide 20% -30% of the optional; for the low rate of the warehouse. Ground utilization: 60%, higher (calculated according to the above design).

Paint type:

The use of paint produced by the showcase, we call the paint showcase. Paint light showcase better than matt, it is not easy to change color, and take care of it is very convenient, daily ordinary can be wiped with a thin wet towel, if not wipe the stains, you can use detergent, toothpaste to scrub, it is not easy And then rub the bright as new, do not want to matte showcase, dirty to use a small brush to wash, because it looks marshes, dust inside the stack is difficult to stack. Paint showcase rich colors, you can do a variety of modeling, product features for the display and product brand image display is a good embodiment.