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Malls Supermarket Goods Shelves Should Pay Attention To What
- Dec 03, 2016 -

Merchandise on the shelves, classification cannot be confused
There was no wrong on the products, but this happens occasionally, this time to teach you one of the best ways is to use the display, such as a commodity has a variety of models, packaging, and so on, then we must learn to remember display, display color, shape and size to determine which items should be placed where. And, according to the characteristics of goods can also tell which display shelf should be placed in, such as: fruits, vegetables, cereals, used a wooden display rack, and snacks are usually made of metal display stand, the flexible application of the knowledge base will greatly enhance the efficiency of the work for you.
That goods are in order
Neat place goods will promote the customer's consumption, and similar goods such as towels, clothing, supermarkets were unable to order placed, especially once the customer many times, it is messy. In fact, whether easy towel, clothes, and shoes, as long as one thing can effectively address these challenges. Like, towel can using linked show frame, a row show frame Shang can design multiple linked, such will towel hanging up on not explicit of disorganized has; and clothes also can using with a method; shoes on more convenient has, by wall can custom a paragraph big of shoes show frame, will shoes placed in show frame Shang, that conducive to has Mall of overall planning, and not waste space, and also can is good of show shoes, are so-called in one fell swoop three have.
Merchandise on the shelves, mainly goods and interaction between the display rack, display rack at the Mall plays a very important role.