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Display Inside The Super Play What Role
- Dec 03, 2016 -

1, shopping centre, Office, customer traffic at the entrance, display design dominated by warm colors to form a warm welcoming atmosphere. You can also decorate with cool, easing customers nervous, hectic.
2, dreary, dark and easy to make people have a feeling of psychological oppression, display rack decorated with light, can give people a pleasant feeling of freshness.
3, color decorate ladies pro shop, modern fashion sense can stimulate the desire to buy.
4, in the heat of the summer, in store displays designed to cool colors such as blue, Brown, purple, cool and comfortable feeling.
5, children's sensitive response to red, pink, Orange, pale color display is used when selling children's goods, add cartoon character better.
6, color can also make up for the business premises defect. If the ceiling painted pale blue, gives a tall feeling Mall place both ends of the wall color is light, giving a vast visual experience. The color transforms a shopping mall for some time, will make customers feel a sense of wonder.
7, the use of color to seek changes in uniform. Store display design should set a standard, unified visual identity, display characteristics. However, in using the Mall location different floors of the different and changing, different style, so that customers rely on hue changes to recognition and commodity parts of floors, evokes freshness, Visual and mental fatigue reduction.