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Commercial Wooden Display Production Process Quality How To Identify
- Dec 03, 2016 -

The first wooden display shelf edge
Edge of the wooden display stand. Large display stand manufacturers are using modern machines and equipment, the distinction between large display manufacturers to produce wooden display racks and small-scale production of wooden display stand. Judge with high temperature and pressure edge, edge appearance after a solid, prevents durable process of moisture damage to the wooden display racks, wooden display rack is more durable.
Second: the sealing design of wooden display rack
Let the surface water is not easy to fall on wooden display cabinets, jewelry display table to join the Special seal design. Wooden display stand can guarantee of use for a long time.
Third: the wooden display stand made of material of environmental protection
Identification of wooden display rack also have to distinguish from quality, good plate came, and on the edge of the adhesive. These materials have to meet environmental requirements. Plate using formaldehyde emission standards of man-made sheet you want.
Part IV: wooden display surface smooth and full of
Wooden display stand made of MDF, MDF spray painted if not scraping PuTTY will first lead film rough, can choose a special grey base PuTTY for wood (ash instead of pig's blood)
V: finished wood display racks used for any nail holes pop up
Wooden display stands the phenomenon of nail holes exist, this is the wooden display rack factory defects, delay in solving, such as nail holes have encountered problems using a nail hole repair PuTTY, instead of the traditional PuTTY repair nail holes in practice, effectively solve the nail hole problem.