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Commercial Displays Commonly Used Materials
- Dec 03, 2016 -

1. the wood is light weight, high strength, good elasticity and toughness and ease of processing and the advantages of excellent insulation, is commonly used in building demolition material.
2 synthetic wood materials: plywood-oriented exhibition industry, such as the display cabinets.
3 synthetic plate is made from 3 layers or multiple 1mm thick single sheet of stickers, made according to the fiber direction perpendicular to glue hot together.
4 blockboard: or core Board to overcome the deformation of wood, two layers of wood filled in smaller pieces. Is one of the largest man-made sheet plate.
5 compression plate: we call the Particleboard, is typical of the compression plate: wood shavings and sawdust compressed into. Mainly used for furniture and building industry. Divided into high, medium and low density sheet. Thickness there are three types: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm
6. mdf: also known as hardboard, this plate bearing pressure, applied to furniture.
7. surface decoration materials: wooden board: plywood, Melamine Board, poly panels, ornate plates, wood paste surface.