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Acrylic Display Stands Bearing Performance
- Dec 03, 2016 -

Acrylic display stands in the domestic market began to heat up, and as a result acrylic material capacity, when custom acrylic display cases and acrylic display stands, must take into account the thickness and thickness determined by the hosted products.
Acrylic display stands to do much thicker is the absence of clear criteria, the weight to charges by the customer. In General decoration can be used 2mm, if it is at least 3mm according to the structure of the starting load. 3mm to 5mm weight capacity can withstand the generally used to weight of acrylic display products, such as shoes, mobile phones, watches, jewelry, etc.
In addition, the strength of acrylic display stands more than 10 times larger than the glass, acrylic material widely used in construction, home decoration, so it's strong and durable is no doubt.