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What should pay attention to when designing the showcase?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

What should pay attention to when designing the showcase?


Retail Checkout Counters Display Cash Register Stand.jpgThe design of the showcase is not just a literal meaning, but a deeper definition of thinking mining. The contents of the showcase design need to be gradually excavated from the process of the showcase designer's showcase design. The theme of the showcase design is not the showcase product itself but the design of the space frame.

In the market economy environment, the competition for various types of products is becoming increasingly fierce, especially for a wide variety of lifestyle goods. In large shopping malls, it is very important to have a bold and unique display space, and the vacancies in the shopping malls seem to be coming. The less. Therefore, if you can make good use of this display world and let it function more efficiently, it is a common concern of merchants and professionals engaged in commercial decoration.

Product display and display are the most important functions for designing showcases and display stands. Reasonable design can effectively extend the face, line and space image of the product display. Using the points, lines, and faces of the showcases, exhibition stands, and stands to separate and build the merchandise display space, this is what we often say about the layout of commodity space.

For a successful showcase production, you need to do the following:

(1). Fully and rational use of unique space.

(2). Complete the practical functions of the displayed goods.(3). The appearance is beautiful and novel, attracting attention and giving people a good impression.

(4). Meet the merchant CI requirements.