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What is the role of the display cabinet in the mall?
- Oct 30, 2018 -

What is the role of the display cabinet in the mall?


Perspex Display Units for Trade Show.jpgWhether the design of the display cabinet is simple or complicated, the main core of luxury or fashion is its basic display function, highlighting the characteristics of the product. In fact, not only in the jewelry display cabinet display, but also a lot of clothing display cabinet display, shoe bag display cabinet, etc., various retail brand stores, exquisite special display cabinet display has become the best image spokesperson of the facade.

For example, jewelry display cabinets, if the color, material, design and other aspects of the jewelry showcase are like people, coupled with the strength of the jewelry brand, the appeal to consumers is still relatively large. Its design should focus on the advantages of commodities and carry out various propaganda work: use the display cabinet to play the role of the corporate image spokesperson, use the display cabinet to display the products and display the goods well, people are very interested in novelty. This requires the display cabinet design to be different.

The society is advancing, and the materials used in the display cabinets have also developed by leaps and bounds. The integration of sound, electricity, light and color has made the display cabinet display a variety of visual effects. Based on the characteristics of the products, it incorporates the designer's advanced design concept and ingenious ideas, and exudes the novel charm of the display cabinet display, which is more targeted.