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what is a display cabinet used for?
- Nov 23, 2018 -
Wooden Jewellery Display Cabinet For Store

Display cabinet are the main carrier of commercial goods and the main framework for commercial space vision. Different products have different display cabinet forms and functions. The advantages and disadvantages of the design and production of shopping mall display cabinets will directly affect the sales of goods and the brand image of the company. In recent years, display cabinets have made great progress in design and production. This is mainly because market competition has become more mature, and enterprises have paid more attention to the results of brand image. However, the design and production of showcase props in department stores or shopping malls are quite different from international standards. The main reason is that the display cabinet design lacks overall planning and design and puts forward professional standards. This problem is due to the lack of professional commercial design companies and talents in china, as well as the lack of specific guidance from professional companies in the design of commercial enterprises in the decoration of shopping malls. Therefore, there are many imitation components in the decoration planning and showcase design of the shopping mall, and the inherent needs of the design company for the operation, management and marketing of the shopping mall are lack of systematic professional understanding and research. As a result, the visual space of many shopping malls is homogenized, and the display cabinet lacks practical, artistic, economic, safety and humanized functional requirements.

Because the glass display case  is the main carrier for displaying goods, just like the furniture in the family, not only should we put on as many clothes as possible, the practicality of furnishings and artworks, but also the affinity and personality to represent the cultural level of a family. And the style, but also the economic strength of a family, and the design of the display cabinet is also true. Whether it is department stores, or the future competitive development trend of shopping malls and specialty stores, they are all oriented towards their respective target markets, creating a warm, inviting shopping, entertainment and leisure space environment for their target customers. Therefore, the design of the display case  should be as elaborate as the design furniture, grasp the design function of the display cabinet, and integrate the design elements and design ideas, ideas and ideas.