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what are display stands?
- Nov 29, 2018 -
Clothing Display Stand With Wooden Base

Display rack , that is, wood as a shelf for all or most of the basic materials, mainly solid wood shelves, supermarket shelves, convenience store shelves, food shelves, wooden showcases, wooden display stands, and so on.

Counter display are also called "solid wood shelves", "fresh shelves", " counter display", etc.; they are a combination of goods, supermarkets, convenience stores, goods display, goods sales, goods storage, etc. Facility; she was first proposed by tai'an zhengda wooden shelf factory: it is a modern supermarket, convenience store, various commodities in the shopping mall, the physical carrier of the goods and the artistic carrier of the supermarket display ideas, so she is a modern supermarket. The main part of the store, the convenience store shelf. In a sense, we can even equate the planning, design, production and installation of wooden shelves with supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores and other stores. The wooden shelves of the supermarket consist of fresh wooden shelves, miscellaneous grains, fruit and vegetable racks, and 

egg racks.

The wooden shelves are mainly made of environmentally-friendly wood board materials, which are made of special fireproof boards and various decorative materials and glass covers. There is no fixed standard, and it can be used as a standard shape or shaped cabinet according to the demand of the goods and the position of the ground.