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Red wine display ideas?
- Nov 30, 2018 -
Wooden Wine Display Cabinet For Store

In order to maximize the attraction and attract customers, the production of wine display cabinets must give full play to the designer's creative ability and rich imagination, and create an unconventional aesthetic image. At the same time, the production must pay attention to the authenticity of aesthetic creation, that is, the information conveyed must be accurate, can not exaggerate its vocabulary and bluff, which is also a key issue in the production of modern commercial  wine cabinet. Otherwise, not only will it lose credibility, it will violate professional ethics, but it will also cause consumers' psychological distrust and disgust. The five branches of the American business community in their advertising creeds are related to the issue of authenticity, that is, the facts are not tempted, the price is indeed, no exaggeration, honest recommendation, etc., which is evident. At the same time, emphasizing the authenticity of commercial counter production does not mean negating the richness of performance techniques. On the contrary, in order to stimulate people's emotions and mobilize their desire to purchase, they must pay attention to the uniqueness, richness and novelty of expression techniques. The location used in the wine display cabinet is mainly to appeal to people's visual and auditory feelings. It is closely related to the human activity place-environment. At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of the urban human landscape, so it must fully emphasize its environmental concept. The utensils used in the exhibition activities refer to the equipment used for placing, enclosing, supporting, hanging, and posting exhibits. First, the standardization and serialization of stereotypes are the main ones. Secondly, it is combined with disassembly and assembly, so as to facilitate any combination and change, convenient for packaging, transportation and storage. Third, the structure should be durable, easy to process, safe and reliable. Fourth, modeling To be simple, the color should be simple.

The back panel of the wine rack  cabinet placed against the wall is an opaque panel, which can be selected in the same color, white or mirror as the red wine display cabinet. Light boxes can be installed on the top, fluorescent lamps and spotlights are available in the cabinet, and light boxes are on the top. Height, width, and length can be adjusted according to usage.

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