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Manufacturing acrylic product several ways
- Dec 03, 2016 -

1. heating method: acrylic product processing to a certain shape, acrylic product heating, direct the hands quickly nest, kneading, molding. Legal requirements prior to composition, xiongzhongyoushu, quick, short bursts. Crafts made with this method has lines and bold, advantages of eave.
2. hot-pressing method: acrylic sheet, heated, hot-pressing in the stencil. Crafts made of this external type method with full, smooth curves, stereoscopic features cameo roles. Hot-press die available timber, oil, clay, then cast lead, gypsum information model of yin and Yang, organic glass heated to forming.
3. the Mosaic law: different colors of acrylic products cut into desired pieces of geometry, in mosaic on the floor together. This approach needs stitching close, I angled out to receive color intense, but seamless.
4. posted by: acrylic cutting into shapes, posted on the plane together.
5. breaking ground: a plate-shaped glass stack put together, and then forming the grinding section directly. Acrylic crafts can be made of color-changing this law, simple and honest nature.