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- Nov 22, 2018 -
Wooden Cabinet Underwear For Store

Underwear drawer organizer is a protective display stand for product display. The color can be selected according to the shop decoration. The display cabinet has a solid structure, easy assembly and disassembly, and convenient transportation. It is widely used in company exhibition halls, exhibitions, department stores, advertisements, etc. It is widely used in crafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, watches, tobacco, wine, cosmetics and other industries. .

The back panel of underwear organizer placed against the wall is an opaque panel, which can be the same color, white or mirror as the cabinet. Light boxes can be installed on the top, fluorescent lamps and spotlights are available in the cabinet, and light boxes are on the top. Height, width, and length can be adjusted according to usage. The square display cabinet is generally made of four-sided transparent glass, which is suitable for displaying small items such as jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phones, glasses, medicines, etc. It can also be used to display larger pieces such as gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, tobacco and alcohol. Article.

In order to display the various display uses of the cabinet, the overall structure of the display cabinet is also all detachable and installable parts. No glue material is used, and a screwdriver can complete the disassembly and assembly of the entire showcase. Easy to disassemble, transport, etc.

There are many details about the production of underwear storage . The appearance of the display cabinet directly affects the position and value of the goods in the minds of consumers. In fact, there are only a few points to note on the production of the display cabinet:


2 sense of the times and national style

3 environmental concepts

4 intuitive aesthetic effect

5 show ancillary facilities

6 basic rules for counter production