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How to put the clothing store display stand into the store theme?
- Oct 25, 2018 -

How to put the clothing store display stand into the store theme?


Commercial Clothes Hangers Store Display Hooks Units.jpgThe relationship between the effect of the display of the clothing display and the sales is the most prominent and most prominent. The arrangement of the clothing display rack helps the sales of the clothing in the store. Then how should the clothing display stand be placed enough to attract the attention of the consumers? When customers come to the store, they are most concerned about the goods, so when they enter the door, they will look at the clothing display stand. At this time, if the products on the display stand are very rich and rich, the spirit of the customers will be aroused and generate great enthusiasm. Invisible will produce a kind of subconscious: there are so many costumes here that there must be a style that you want to buy. As a result, shopping confidence has increased and shopping interest has soared. On the contrary, the goods on the shelf are indiscriminately discharged, and the inside and outside of the store are empty, so customers are easily misjudged. He would feel that the appearance is not focused and there are very few good quality products. Once this kind of psychology is generated, it will cause great resistance to the consumption of the capsule.

The first item on the display is to make the product stand out. For example, a large number of wall-mounted clothing display stands can be used to attract customers. The dress wall is very spectacular. According to the pattern of color design, the bright colors match the brighter hidden illumination in the warehouse, which makes people feel warm, and the cool color dims the lighting. Under the contrast, it looks mysterious, and people want to find out more. The floor-standing display gives the impression that the product display is full and very orderly, and the carefully designed display effect gives a pleasing enjoyment. Incorporating a variety of different styles throughout the store, giving customers a great choice, more to highlight the pros and cons of the product, and enhance the desire of customers to buy.

It can be seen that the effect of the display of the clothing display rack is extremely important for the clothing store. If a high-end garment is hanged on a common hanger casually, its high-grade substandard grade will not appear, and it is difficult to attract the interest of the customer. On the other hand, if you wear him on a model with a spotlight, and with other backdrops, its elegant style and fine workmanship are clearly presented to the customer, and the customer is easily moved.