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how to design a display stand
- Nov 22, 2018 -

how to design a display stand


The display cabinet is a container for storing or displaying items. Different styles, easy disassembly and assembly, convenient transportation. It is widely used in various product stores, Department stores, exhibition halls, exhibition sites and so on. Show cabinets in monopoly stores are usually customized with brand advertisements. Exquisite appearance design, give full play to the role of display, foil the display of goods, use different ways of expression to stimulate consumers'emotions. In order to achieve another function of display cabinet - exhibition.

Folding display rack

The display rack is a prop for displaying objects. It has the function of advertisement and promotion. Display rack can display the characteristics of the product in all directions; rich accessories, and each component can be recorded and installed, a variety of color matching, professional designers exquisite design. Display shelves can be divided into: floor display shelves, desktop display shelves, hanging display shelves, special-shaped display shelves, theme display stacks, rotating display shelves; according to material can be divided into: paper display shelves, metal display shelves, plexiglass display shelves, composite display shelves; according to use can be divided into: exhibition display shelves, clothing display shelves. Shelves, food display shelves, lubricant display shelves, information display shelves, jewelry display shelves, propaganda display shelves, cosmetics display shelves and so on.