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How to control the cost of jewelry display cabinets?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

How to control the cost of jewelry display cabinets?


Portable Jewellery Cabinets Fixtures Necklace Display Holder Display Cases for Jewelry.jpgJewelry showcases are a high-end commercial display prop, and their design and production are very rigorous issues. Strict craftsmanship and advanced production techniques are both essential prerequisites for the production of high-end jewellery display cases, but they also lead to increased costs.

The Jewelry Showcase is a display props that focuses on materials and design, so it is not easy to reduce the cost. But we can reduce the time cost and hidden costs in design and production, such as increasing the pass rate of drawings and reducing the mistakes in production. The drawings should be passed as far as possible, which requires Gemei designers to have a good design base and artistic appreciation level.

Reducing the hidden cost in the production process is to improve the production efficiency, the actuarial calculation of the materials, and the care and care when constructing. Ensure that every link in the production of jewelry showcases can be completed with quality and quantity, without delay, and the quality should be reduced and zero rework.

In short, a good production should be carried out in a good humanistic construction environment, improve the efficiency and quality of each link, in order to ensure the time and unnecessary cost reduction to reduce the cost of jewelry display cabinets, and establish cooperation with customers. With a win-win situation.