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How to choose a jewelry display cabinet?
- Nov 15, 2018 -

How to choose a jewelry display cabinet?


Wooden Portable Jewelry Storage Boxes Case Display.jpgThe jewellery display cabinet is made of environmentally-friendly wood-based panels such as UV panels and melamine panels. The surface is decorated with a mirror-coated mirror glass, which is smooth and flat, and has a good visual effect and feel. When buying, the main surface of the glass is scratches, glue and other traces. For jewelry display cabinets, also pay attention to the consistency of the layout color.

During the production process of the jewelry display cabinet, the formed panels are cut, decorated and sealed, and the components are assembled. The quality of the jewelry display cabinet mainly depends on the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the edge and the surface and the quality of the plate. Edge edging, etc. The plates for making jewellery glass display cabinets have quality requirements for the flatness, verticality and angle of the panel components in the cutting saw. Generally, the cutting technology of the panel is within 0.01 mm per meter, and the sheet with precision requirements is obtained. After the saw, the profile is flat and the angle is good. The side and surface decoration mainly depends on whether the rubber coating on the decorative part is uniform, whether the bonding is firm, whether the trimming is smooth and smooth, whether the end face of the visible part such as the side plate, the door panel and the drawer panel of the component is edge-sealed, and assembling. The combination mainly depends on whether the mouth of the hole is exquisite and tidy, and whether the connector is firm after installation.

Jewelry display cabinets use metal parts and plastic parts as fastening connectors, so the quality of metal parts also determines the quality. The metal parts are required to be dexterous, smooth, and surface-plated, and there is no rust, burr, etc., and the precision of the fittings is higher. Plastic parts should be beautiful in appearance and bright in color. The parts of the force in use should have strength and elasticity, and should not be too thin. The open type connector requires flexible rotation, and the spring inside is tightly fitted, so that it will be smooth, easy and free of friction during opening and use.