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How to choose a good display cabinet?
- Oct 09, 2018 -

How to choose a good display cabinet?


Wooden Shoe Display Shelf For Store.jpgThe display cabinet also becomes a showcase. It is a transparent counter that can visually store stored and frozen food. Know the style of your products and understand that the products on the front of the counter can help you choose the most appropriate display box.

When doing the exhibition, consider the layout of the store in your store--the most expensive and the products that adults buy more on the top, so that adults can get enough; the profits are considerable and the products that children like Placed in the middle of the shelf, this can stimulate the consumption of children; those low-margin and ordinary brand goods can be placed at the bottom of the shelf. Therefore, depending on the profit of your product, it is placed on different layers of the shelf from high to low.

Ample display is critical to the operation of the storefront, so you need to plan your sales area through charts, design under counter basin display, wall display, stand-alone counter display and temporary mobile promotion in the sales area. Show sales areas and other ways to increase the point of display.