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How to arrange the jewelry display case according to the decoration?
- Nov 20, 2018 -
Wooden Jewellery Table Displays With Women

There are too many methods and techniques for jewelry display. The purpose of jewelry display  is to make people's attributes, functions, characteristics, quality, style and grade of goods clear at a glance, attract attention, leave impressions, and have the desire to approach goods and purchase goods within a certain range of product display space or sales space. To maximize the display of merchandise to stimulate the sale of goods, to create brand influence, and to spread the brand culture.

From the entire jewelry store decoration store design merchandise display, jewelry store decoration store design renderings creativity and atmosphere creation, jewelry store decoration store design design production effect, can make customers feel a brand brand culture, that is, a brand Style, product positioning and market positioning. The theme should change with the festival and the promotion. When the festival changes, from the entire jewelry store decoration store design merchandise display, jewelry store decoration store design renderings and the creation of atmosphere, jewelry store decoration store design scheme display effect can make customers clearly know the main promotion of the festival And the main promotion category; in different promotions, customers can clearly know the specific content of this promotion.

Orderly color themes give the theme a clear, well-ordered visual and powerful impact. In wood jewelry display, more use of color to set the focus or create a balance of product display, so that customers create rhythm, coordination and layering, and easily lock the target goods. From this, it is necessary to understand the color foundation to form the principle of color matching between jewelry and props.

According to the principle of ergonomics, the principle of spatial layout, lighting setting, flow direction guidance, size ratio, etc., is reasonably displayed. The distance between the middle guide cabinets of the jewelry store should not be less than 120 cm. The flow direction after the customer enters the door is smooth and convenient, and can contact as many products as possible. The light in the store is sufficient, no dark spots and dazzling lights, and the shopping habits of consumers are considered as much as possible. It can maximize the distance between customers and products, and trigger customers' desire for consumption. At the same time, you should pay attention to the basic knowledge of the jewelry counter. The guides need to master the characteristics of the counter in the specific counter layout and display, in order to fully understand the role of the counter, in order to better display the jewelry display, to achieve the best display effect.


In general, wood jewelry display is properly displayed, which not only enhances the image of the store, but also enhances the customer's desire to buy!