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Display of display cases
- Nov 21, 2018 -
Commercial Glass Display Cabinets

Exhibition standard editor

1. Classified display according to the category, style, brand, and nature of the product. [1]

2. According to the shape, texture and outer packaging of the product, different display methods such as tiling, stacking, stacking, hanging, and hanging are respectively adopted to achieve the best display effect.

3. Commodity display should make rational use of space and display as many products as possible, but it should not cause crowded and messy effects.

4. Commercial glass display cabinet must be neatly arranged and ready to be sorted out; goods with dust, scars or defects are prohibited from being displayed.

5. Tdisplay caseshould be full, avoiding customers seeing the shelf partitions and the baffles behind the shelves.

6. Display cabinet  should be aesthetically pleasing, generous and safe. Use different colors for harmonious matching; appropriate embellishment, matching accessories, active display atmosphere.

7. Reasonable mix of varieties. Related products and supporting products should be flexibly matched with the display.

8. The "front side" of the displayed items must all face the side of the passage. The height of the items displayed on each floor must be separated from the upper shelf partition by a finger. The distance between each item is generally 2-3 mm. Labels are placed corresponding to the goods, that is, one product and one sign.

9. New varieties must be displayed in the most conspicuous position, with a "new product" promotional card. The position of the promotional card is required to accurately indicate the merchandise without obscuring the merchandise.

10. Sample display

(1) Samples are required to select new (style, function) products.

(2) Sample display requires complete variety, style and color.

(3) Model clothing should be replaced once every 3 days to give customers a fresh feeling.

11. Must ensure the safety of the merchandise display

(1) Outsourcing of goods with placed markings must be placed in accordance with the requirements of the marking.

(2) Large and heavy goods should be placed below.

(3) The shelf laminates must be placed in a stable and fixed manner, and the products placed on the laminates should not be overweight.

(4) The merchandise display shall not exceed the shelf to prevent the customer from colliding. If there is any damage to the merchandise, the responsible person shall compensate.

(5) The guardrails used to protect the goods shall not be taken or replaced at will.

12. Other requirements

(1) Footwear products should be listed on the shelves in the same style. Usually, small shoes can be used as the display products. High-grade shoes must be used as the backing. The samples should be replaced weekly, and the shoe polish should be kept. Bright.

(2) The display of the bag requires a full appearance, and the soft bag can be filled with paper or foam if necessary.

(3) The garment must be ironed and flattened, folded and tidy, and the button is buckled. Clothing on both ends of the hanging shelf should be placed facing the customer.

(4) The front row of the shelves requires that the goods be placed full and no space is allowed.

(5) For goods with Chinese and English logos, such as partial toothpaste, wrap, etc., the Chinese logo should be placed facing the customer.