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Display display tips
- Dec 03, 2016 -

1. materials:
Showcase is equipped with the subsidiary placement of material not to be too conspicuous, remember not to grab the limelight of products. Proposals can be combined with the product store and interior lighting design display stands, display of other accessories to display the main effect of the decoration.
2. visual effect:
Display design goal is to make consumers aware of product information in a very short time. When compared to other display effects, display is fully able to display that, in addition to showing the design concept of the environment itself, and also joined exhibit design elements, presented to users is not the same as the display effect, so that consumers can enjoy the product at first sight feel at ease.
3. display lights:
Display light from the showcase is designed first of all to the top, you can install several small LED lights, the inside using fluorescent lighting to enhance the station's overall brightness. Common, showcase the front left and right corner can be installed a few more cold light lamps and LED lamps as a supplementary light source to dead ends.
4. rendering
Display stands for your target customer group to establish a warm, appealing for shopping, entertainment, and recreational space.